Chandrakant Patil

I am Chandrakant N.Patil, retired Engineering. I'm residing with my family at Jalgaon, in India. I like to be in positive attitude and creative works. I believe that there are easiest ways to live happy life

Ever I am Wrong

Ever I am Wrong Ever I am wrong, and you are only right and you get chance to say, I do only fight Neither you let me bend, to my extreme end when mind is prepared, to get into offend I wish my eyes pretty, be on colourless duty should…

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So enchanting

So enchanting You find me so enchanting can’t judge before your beauty sweetness so intoxicating me as bat dive to flame with agility Beauty compel to fail wisdom I’m ready to endure punishment the bliss I feel in staring at you is more than many life to see you it…

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Vacuum of Love

Vacuum of Love Being the moon you have to revolve as it held to fill vacuum of love carrying the beauty can’t go away I shall wait here at ocean of the bay by stealing heart you run as thief how shall I leave and remain aloof My eyes have…

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Cosmos Queen

  Cosmos Queen In darkness got youselves shrouded hiding before the vast world but stars not forgot to blaze they gave light of different craze edges of your face so shining your cute beauty they are showing the glazing border is so attractive want to love where light is active from the…

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Oh my love

Oh my love Oh my love where you been lost ? not arouse since many days past I am here earnestly waiting you have not yet showed facing ………….how long shall I linger …………my heart screaming ever eyes lean staring at waving mirage my yearns found to be only vague…

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