Chandrakant Patil

I am Chandrakant N.Patil, retired Engineering. I'm residing with my family at Jalgaon, in India. I like to be in positive attitude and creative works. I believe that there are easiest ways to live happy life

Lost in You

Lost in You I think I have been lost in you somewhere in past that’s true I can’t judge but sure its there my precious feel remain here from window eyes inside look very well shows, I been so loot beckon on lips seems not yet dried your searching caught…

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Blushing Flowers

Blushing Flowers Sun rays so scattered reach the heart of buds tingle them vigorously compel them to bloom with smile they arouse and started laughing loudly and they became flowers as if fairies dancing floridly the rays found so innocent enlighten the hearts of buds all petals rolled tickle down…

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                  Sketch42 I do have many clues to make world so colourful. You might like the painting as each colour is used on priority to shape the image. How do you feel it ?. Any defects may be intimated to correct it…

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                    This image is painted by me and there are mistakes in fineness, accuracy, expression, shade light, tracing etc. If you don’t like it, please delete it. It is privately sent and not shared anywhere except you. Thank you in anticipation.…

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                  Sketch41 The sketch is drawn and painted as similar to the image given. The lady in the image is indeed most beautiful. The peculiarity in this image is shade light and candid emotions. The shade light on left side is launched…

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