Cute Poetess

Cute Poetess

Ever I drifted in stream of your lines
they are so melodious I can’t swim
Its not now but happen very often
and at which bank I find me fallen

while risen with sun I find me in sand
where I get in unconsciously land
your heart and face tender than moon
your rays and colour shiny than sun

Might you feel mine exorbitant praise
but mirror will support me if you face
How its difficult to control my mind
no one can imagine endurance in yearn

If I picked up all stars and moon
and prepare a garland and sun crown
till you would glaze than all craze
hence become beyond sense, can’t gaze

if ambrosia oblige to survive my life
would I be engage stunning you quite
My eyes will drink the beauty for ever
pebbles will shines in my bed of river

Each pebble will whisper your name
and they will be shaped to your face
my love will utter and echoed in sky
clouds and wind hence got swinging fly

About Chandrakant Patil

I am Chandrakant N.Patil, retired Engineering. I'm residing with my family at Jalgaon, in India. I like to be in positive attitude and creative works. I believe that there are easiest ways to live happy life

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